Servo Analytica 4

Servo is a network statistics-based performance measurement tool designed specifically for telecommunication carriers that combines Advanced Network Monitoring and Performance Management, Fault Tracking and Analysis, Routing and Traffic Analysis, Network element configuration data, and Trouble Ticketing capabilities.

Servo has the ability to manage multi-vendor, multi-technology systems that includes a variety of mobile network vendors, including as HUAWEI, NOKIA/Siemens, ERICSSON, ZTE, Lucent etc., with no boundaries on cellular technology, e.g. GSM,UMTS, HSPA, DCS, UTRAN and CDMA read more.

Servo 4

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Tools : JIDE Component, JDAF Framework, JPF (Java Plugin Framework), EJB, JPA, JAX-RS.

Team :
1. Fauzan Baskoro
2. Dhian Putra
3. Muhammad Bagir
4. Hisyam Mahmud
5. Ali Akbar
6. Lukman Hakim
7. Aulia Rahman
8. Irfan Maulana