CMS Dashboard

CMS Dashboard is SML Technologies solution for Telkomsel.
enhancement from SIAGA Dashboard that develop for on Ied 2014 Event to monitoring his traffic.
CMS make SIAGA Dashboard more configurable with Administration Page to manage custom Event and Threshold.
Combine with many feature like Remedy Ticketing, Web Incident Live and Transport.
SIAGA now become complex.

Network Service Alarms

Live Incident Monitoring

Transport View

NSA Administration

Create Ticket



Tools : Sencha ExtJS, FusionChart, Google Maps API V3, JQuery, JavaScript, EJB, JPA, JAX-WS.

Team :
1. Muhammad Bagir
2. Hisyam Mahmud
3. Irfan Maulana
4. Ade Fruandta
5. Fauzan Baskoro
6. Maquee (Mukarom Ali Syahban)